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Axiata Group Berhad | Sustainability & National Contribution Report 2016



This standalone Sustainability Report is a comprehensive document detailing the management of our

business impacts on Economic, Environmental and Social (EES) issues. The 2016 edition is the fourth

volume in our “Commitment to Development” series, which has been following the Global Reporting

Initiative’s G4 (GRI-G4) guidelines since 2013.

While this report should be read as a continuation of our sustainability efforts over the past few years, readers should also note that 2016

marks the first year of activities under Phase 2 of Axiata’s sustainability journey. Phase 2 is distinct from Phase 1 in that we are making

greater efforts to harmonise and standardise our sustainability practice across the Group, which includes our Operating Companies (OpCos).

Our Sustainability Report contains detailed information about Axiata’s Sustainability Framework, anchored on our 4P approach to




This Sustainability Report should be read together with Axiata Group Berhad’s Annual Report 2016 for a

comprehensive overview of the Group’s financial and non-financial performance for the year under review.

Within each chapter which represents the 4Ps, we have highlighted

our performance in terms of improvement, innovation, investment

and impact (4i):

This report describes the scope and boundary of our sustainability

disclosures, and provides an overview of our management approach,

details of our sustainability framework and a description of our

initiatives under each respective pillar.

As this Sustainability Report has been prepared for the Axiata Group

as a whole, the materiality issues reported herein are those that apply

to the Group. In cases where our OpCos face unique sustainability

and/or materiality issues owing to their specific circumstances, the

relevant passage will be denoted using the OpCo’s logo. The absence

of any demarcating symbols indicates that the narrative applies

Group-wide, at both the Group level and at the levels of each OpCo.

Our OpCos have also produced their own standalone sustainability

reports which provide more detailed analysis of their sustainability

risks and opportunities. Our OpCos’ standalone sustainability reports

are available on their official websites listed below. Celcom, as our

OpCo in Malaysia, discloses its initiatives together with the Group in

this report.

XL Axiata:


Smart Axiata:

Dialog Axiata:

Robi Axiata:



The way in which we enhanced and

improved our activities within the pillar



The new innovations and initiatives

introduced for the pillar



Our investments in new projects and

initiatives under the pillar



The socioeconomic impact of our

activities under the pillar

Pillar 1

Pillar 2

Pillar 3

Pillar 4

Beyond Short-Term


Nurturing People

Process Excellence

and Governance

Planet and Society

The 4Ps are:

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