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Axiata Group Berhad | Sustainability & National Contribution Report 2016



Dear Stakeholders,

It has been four years since we first introduced our

Commitment to Development

in line with our broader goal

of Advancing Asia in Axiata’s Sustainability and National Contribution Report 2013. This year, we reaffirm this

promise and continue delivering on our sustainability goals to bring the best in innovation, connectivity and

talent to our 320 million customers across Asia. 2016 may have been a challenging year in terms of business

and the operating environment, but it was also a very exciting year for us as we saw several of our longer-term

sustainability initiatives begin to have greater impact.

The year marked our entry into Nepal following the completion of our acquisition of Ncell, the country’s number

one mobile operator, which further strengthened our presence in Asia to ten countries. As we welcomed and

integrated Ncell to the Group, we have included them for the first time this year in our Sustainability Report.

In 2016, Axiata contributed RM57.2 billion (USD13.8 billion) to the collective GDPs of our operating countries,

supported 1.1 million jobs and ensured connectivity for approximately 320 million subscribers with a network

that covers close to two billion people across our ASEAN and South Asian footprint.

Axiata’s 4Ps Sustainability Framework

While aligned to the international understanding and measures of Economic, Environmental and Social (EES) indicators, Axiata’s approach

to sustainability is unique to the nature of the Group’s businesses, services and products, operations and reach of customers. Going beyond

the conventional context of sustainability, Axiata’s method takes a long-term and holistic view of sustainable business custom in the markets

we operate in, in line with our business strategies, aspirations and vision. The Axiata 4Ps Sustainability Framework underpins our initiatives to

create long-term value for our stakeholders, and pave the way forward for our transition into a New Generation Digital Champion.



Pillar 1

Pillar 2

Pillar 3

Pillar 4

Beyond Short-Term


Nurturing People

Process Excellence

and Governance

Planet and Society