Quarterly Results

Read our latest financial results and view our archive for materials on our performance over the years.

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3rd Quarter 2022 Results 3Q22 Financial Statements 3Q22 Presentation 3Q22 Media Release 3Q22 Audiocast 3Q22 Data Financials 25 Nov 2022
PDF 1052 KBPDF 1577 KBPDF 248 KBMP3 27774 KBEXCEL 570 KB
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2nd Quarter 2022 Results 2Q22 Financial Statements 2Q22 Presentation 2Q22 Media Release 2Q22 Audiocast 2Q22 Data Financials 26 Aug 2022
PDF 951 KBPDF 1570 KBPDF 237 KBMP3 43000 KBEXCEL 533 KB
Title Date File Size Download Arrow
1st Quarter 2022 Results 1Q22 Financial Statements 1Q22 Presentation 1Q22 Media Release 1Q22 Audiocast 1Q22 Data Financials 25 May 2022
PDF 247 KBPDF 1449 KBPDF 883 KBMP3 66607 KBEXCEL 520 KB

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