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Date Announced : 08/06/2012  

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We wish to inform that Hello Axiata Company Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Axiata, had on 7 June 2012 completed the incorporation of AXIATA TOWERS (CAMBODIA) COMPANY LIMITED (“Axiata Towers Cambodia”) (Registration Number. Co.1416E/2012), a private company limited by shares. The incorporation of Axiata Towers Cambodia was completed following the issuance by the Ministry of Commerce, Cambodia of the Certificate of Incorporation on 7 June 2012.

Axiata Towers Cambodia, a company duly incorporated with effect from 30 May 2012 under the regulations of Commercial Rules and Register Law, Commercial Enterprises Law, Civil Code and Penal Code of the Kingdom of Cambodia has an authorised share capital of Khmer Riel(“KHR”)16,000,000.00 (equivalent to USD4,000.00) represented  by 1,000 shares of KHR16,000 each, all of which has been issued and paid-up. The business objective of Axiata Towers Cambodia is to undertake activities and operations related to telecommunication infrastructure.

 The incorporation of Axiata Towers Cambodia is not expected to have any material effect on the earnings and Net Tangible Assets of Axiata for financial year ending 31 December 2012.

 None of the Directors, major shareholders and/or persons connected to them has any direct or indirect interest in the incorporation of Axiata Towers Cambodia.

 This announcement is dated 8 June 2012.