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Access our Digital Annual Report 2016

and Sustainability Report 2016 on

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Towards a Digital and Greener Future

Axiata is increasingly committed towards a digital and

greener future as we transition ourselves into a New

Generation Digital Champion, where digitalisation is a priority.

We strive to apply this in all areas of our business, including

the way we present our Annual and Sustainability Reports to

our shareholders and stakeholders.

Each year, close to 6000 readers accessed our reports on

digital platforms through the web and App downloads. This

is well over three times the number of printed copies. In

our efforts to further digitalise our ecosystem, whilst being

mindful of our carbon footprint, we continue to expand our

digital reports.

For these reasons, we have reduced our printed Annual

Report by 100 pages in being more efficient with the layout

and in using less photos. Further to this, we have used

environmentally friendly paper and have reduced the use

of colour printing by going black and white with this Annual

Report. Incorporating these changes, we have remained

uncompromising on our required disclosure and content.

For multimedia rich content of these reports, please visit